GEMs are a group of dedicated people who are willing to Go the Extra Mile to spread the word about TSSCVPR and the benefits of membership.

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There are 2 major goals of the GEM program.

1. Membership Recruitment

TSSCVPR represents the interests of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation professionals within the Tri-State region. We are much more powerful as a group than we are individually. Our strength as a society is tied to the number of members we have. Increased membership means more money to put toward the resources we need to advocate for reimbursement and other issues. Membership money is also used to support the annual symposium.

2. Networking

Networking is essential to the growth and development of both TSSCVPR and your own program. By participating in the GEM program, members will enhance their networking skills. Communication between programs will be improved. GEMs will increase the visibility of the society to colleagues and coworkers.


The more members we have, the more successful we will be as a society. We appreciate all that you do as a member of TSSCVPR. Since we are able to track your recruitment activities, we want to thank you for your recruitment efforts. The GEM program has been developed as a way to thank those who Go the Extra Mile to recruit new members to TSSCVPR. Every time you recruit a new member, you earn GEM points. The points can then be redeemed for a variety of thank you gifts.

In order to earn GEM points, you must first register as a GEM participant. Only registered GEMs will be eligible to receive GEM points. Complete a GEM registration form and send it to the TSSCVPR Executive Vice President.

In order to receive credit for a new member’s recruitment, you must be listed on their membership application. If your name is not listed, the new member will need to contact the Executive VP and give written confirmation that you recruited them into TSSCVPR.


  • 10 points: Recruitment of a brand new member
  • 10 points: Recruitment of a member whose membership has lapsed over 12 months
  • 5 points: Recruitment of a former member whose membership has lapsed 6 – 12 months
  • 5 points: Recruitment of a student member


  • 100 Free registration at the Annual Symposium
  • 50 points: 50% discount on Annual Symposium fee
  • 25 points: TSSCVPR T-shirt other gifts, as available

You must be a member in good standing when you redeem your points. You can redeem your points at any time. Once points are redeemed, they will be subtracted from the total number of points earned thus far. Redeem your points by contacting Nora Keller at KellerN@mlhs.org.