TSSCVPR Committee Descriptions


AACVPR Affiliate/Liaison Committee. This member serves on 1 or more AACVPR committees and reports the information gleaned from these committees back to the affiliate members. This representative also gathers information from the other board members holding positions on AACVPR committees and associated with other organizations such as AHA, ATS, ACSM and assembles the report to be shared at the quarterly board meetings.

Education Committee.
This committee is comprised of a Chairperson (currently the Primary Nurse Planner for the PSNA Provider Unit of TSSCVPR), a co-Nurse Planner (must be a BSN or higher prepared RN), Vice Presidents of all three states and a multi-disciplinary committee of members (at least one RT and one EP). The committee meets prior to each board meeting and communicates via email for business between meetings. The education committee members are responsible for doing the “needs assessment” for learning among members and work with both the Symposium Planning Committee and Chapter Managers to develop education activities. Education committee members ensure compliance with continuing education credit requirements and evaluate education activities.


Symposium Committee. The Symposium Committee shall be responsible for planning the Annual Symposium in collaboration with the other committees. The President-Elect shall chair the Symposium Committee.


Communications Committee. The Communications Committee is subdivided into three component s, the Newsletter Sub- Committee, the Website Sub­ Committee, and the Public Relations Sub-Committee.  Chairpersons of all subcommittees report to the Chairperson of the Communications Committee. The Chairperson of the Communications Committee reports to the Executive Vice President.

     Newsletter Sub-Committee. shall be responsible for gathering, preparing and disseminating information concerning the activities and concerns of Tri­ State' s Members by means of a newsletter published three (3) times each year.

     Public Relations Sub-Committee. shall be responsible for developing and maintaining liaison relationships with other likeminded organizations and individuals. In addition, the committee shall respond to requests for information regarding Tri-State and its activities.

     Website Sub-Committee. shall be responsible for gathering, preparing, and maintaining in formation on the organization's website.


Professional Affairs Committee. The Professional Affairs Committee addresses professional, legal, and ethical issues that concern the Board. The Chair of this Committee is the Parliamentarian, who may appoint a designee from the Professorial Affairs Committee to serve in his or her place for any specific meeting of the Board, subject to the president's approval. This Committee shall maintain documentation of the Bylaws, Administrative Manual and other legal/ethical documents of Tri-State. The Chairperson of the Professional Affairs Committee reports to the President.


Special Projects Committee. The Special Projects Committee shall be responsible for all fundraising efforts and activities conducted by Tri-State and, in particular, for obtaining sponsorship for the Annual Symposium. The Special Projects Committee shall be responsible for promoting and assisting the State Vice Presidents with cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation weeks. The Committee will also work closely with the Symposium Committee to obtain all awards and to coordinate the social events for the Symposium. The Chairperson will chair the Outstanding Achievement Award Sub-Committee, with the assistance of the Immediate Past President.


Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall direct the work of recruiting, approving and securing new members. The Membership Committee shall be responsible maintaining membership information. The Executive Vice President shall chair the Membership Committee.


Health Policy and Reimbursement Committee. The Health Policy and Reimbursement Committee shall work toward improving understanding between professional providers of cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services and third-party payers of such services. All committee activities shall include the following:

     Political Advocacy. such as education of and communication with elected officials regarding regulatory and legislative issues such as monitoring reimbursement trends and issues

     Monitoring.  reimbursement trends and issues; communicating professional guidelines and opinions to payers; inf01ming members of major trends in reimbursement status; and serving as a resource for insurance-related questions and concerns.